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A personal piece, this started out as an idea for a simple zombie.
But as I was working on it, I had the luxury of following the painting to where it wanted to be, and ended up where it is now. I like this process, as I haven't been doing that since art school and I think it generally produces stronger pieces.

Joris van beusekom spirit assize
Joris van beusekom spiritwip1

First work in progress shot, it's mostly just a rough sketch.

Joris van beusekom spiritwip2

Working on the tree in the background was difficult, but fun. I rarely work with such low contrast.

Joris van beusekom spiritwip3

Originally, this piece had a bottom part with water and reflections. Working on this was difficult but not fun. After way too long I reevaluated what this added to the picture and how much effort it would take. I ended up cutting it.