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Canyons to the abandoned city of Old Akkerberg

Hello everyone!
Last week was my birthday, so here's an extra big map (with an extra long name as well)!
This is actually one of the first maps I started working on in this style, and it shaped the direction I went in.
But it took me a looong time to finish, and sometimes I wondered if I ever would at all. Yet here it is, and I'm very happy with it!

I created this map for my DnD campaign, where I wanted a maze-like adventure. Looking around online for tips I found that straight-up mazes are boring to play. But the fun could be found in letting people find points of interest, hints and semi-hidden routes. Then, by connecting all the dots they can find the exit.

Creating borders, windroses and other elements for maps is a lot of fun! Now I know why you cartography-inclined guys spend so much time on them ;)

Full map

Full map